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And I like him!

Good relations with others affect our self -esteem and self -awareness.

Even “one -sided” relations have a positive effect, for example, when a young man, admiring the famous artist (musician, athlete), tries to imitate him. Psychologists Jay Derrick and Shira Gabriel (Jaye L (Jaye L. Derrick, Shira Gabriel) from the University of Buffalo (USA), studying the behavior of people with low self -esteem. Three groups of students, participants in the experiment, wrote different essays: about their idol, about another celebrity or someone from loved ones, and then all filled the questionnaire in which they talked about the features of their character and qualities that they would like to possess. It turned out that those who thought about their idols have a gap between real qualities and the ideal idea of themselves, and the general self -esteem (compared to other participants in the experiment) above. Thinking about who we want to equal, we primarily represent the character and vital values of this person, and in the light of these qualities we perceive ourselves more positively.

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