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Question to the expert: “Can I love myself again. "

How to return to life, if everything was given to another person, “drowned in love”, forgotten and revised in his (not his) benefit? The opinion of the psychotherapist Ekaterina Mikhailova.

“Can I return self -esteem? For the sake of my beloved man, I threw everything. And now I endure humiliation, even beatings. I want to break out, return to life!"

Ekaterina Mikhailova, psychotherapist:

“Well done, what have you written,” the “return to yourself” begins with this. Olga, you entered into a relationship that destroys you. “For the sake of a man” - but in fact under his pressure - they abandoned work, friends, hobbies. Further - emotional and physical violence, attempts to leave, shame, fear and a sense of hopelessness. Testing will make sense if you understand what lured you into these relations, from which you disappeared into them. The very idea of the victim and abandoning the sake of him is the idea of rotten, but popular. There can be a child in the place of a man or even a whole life. The idea itself is vicious: something or someone will give you everything, replace everything, and while you have this, everything else does not matter. You have a serious analysis of the whole story, otherwise you will again fall into the next "sake". And so that there is enough strength and courage to complicated work, try to restore relations with those who know and respect you. (But do not let yourself “save” yourself - this fixes the role of the victim.) I warn honestly: it will be strong to break you. It will seem to you that the “such” the world will not accept you, you are not interested in anyone else, you will not find work. Listen carefully to this inner whisper and remember: this is your own "tempter", It is he who pushes you to give self -esteem into someone else's hands. But this is not all of you. If you feel that you can’t cope, contact professionals: every person


sometimes cannot cope with something alone ”.